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Friday, February 29, 2008

How To Have Sex With Your Woman Without Actually Having Sex  

Hug Her. Every woman loves being hugged. No woman is excepted from this. You can have your woman loving you more and more if you can make it a habit to always hug her. And you should do this always, even at times when she least expects you to do so. A surprise hug always makes her happy. And let me leak one secret to you.

Hugging her can easily end a quarrel or tiff between the two of you. You know that women at times may not tell you when you hurt them. But even when she is hurt, when you hug your woman, she warms up towards you. Somehow, she does not want that hug to end, neither does she want to hate or fight with the person hugging her.

So it is forced to love you in spite of everything that you have, because your hugs. Hope no woman reads. Hug her from behind her waist. It is a sign of intimacy, and it speaks volumes of your love for her beyond words. Touching her waist means a lot to her. It means that you really want and accept them. You know, not a few women are aware of the bust lines, and other vital statistics. But if you do it around the waist, you loved her so much sense. It shows you are not aware of their imperfections figure.

When you hug her, hold her in your arms for as long as is possible. The longer you hold to her, the better. A hug means so much to a woman. Don't ever underestimate the power it has and the positive influence it has on your relationship.

Spice up your love life with hugs today.

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Marriage - Using Sex As A Weapon  

The marriage should be a wonderful facility. Two people in love, the sharing with others, make for each other, enjoying the life that they have to share. Certainly, you have made when it comes to change, as had something special between you. At least that is how it should be. So, why is it that whenever something goes wrong in the first line of attack is the bedroom and who's not sleeping and that evening?

It is not just a cliché. All too often, when there is a problem someone in the marriage, the first victims of the marriage, that is between the plates. One would think that if we really wanted to get back to your spouse what he or she did, they would cut off the food supply. After all is not that the quickest way to cause death, so that you do not have to go through a messy divorce?

The truth is, we use sex as a weapon, if there are problems in our marriage. But it is not only a weapon. It seems it is the only weapon. It is the first thing that crosses our minds when we are wrong. "No sex for you". Or, if we have the damage, "No sex for me". We know it and we expect that we fear him. It is as if we had cut off our life support, and we are on our last breaths. It makes you wonder why sex is the first thing that is hammered into the marriage.

Well, the answer is really very simple. As a species, we have a very strong urge to have sex. If you think that sex is not literally control our lives, at least when we are young, take a look at all the advertisements with the half naked women parading around the latest hawking body wash, or whatever it is. Take a look at the Miss Universe recently. The fact is, sex rules our lives. It is one of the main reasons why we marry, but most will not admit it. So, if there is a problem in the marriage, instead of trying to be closer and more intimate, in an attempt to remember why we love each other and want to cut ourselves and our spouses from the one thing that brings us closer than anything else Else.

Logically, it makes no sense. Emotionally, it makes sense, all in the world. If we are injured, we want to hurt back. We often look for the funds, which cause the most harm, without actually causing physical pain. Cut our spouses (not literally) is the first thing we think. Unfortunately, it is most effective.

Unfortunately, this is a cycle that is not yet at an end. The spouse beat back if they try to think the next best thing to deprive their significant others. And it goes on, and only so long, until it eventually spirals out of control.

Would not it be great if we could all just get together and make love?

Michael Russell

Your Independent guide to Marriage

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